Ghost is not the most 😒

Chris Ellis

I've been in the serverless world a lot recently. Mostly Vercel and Netlify. Gatsby and NextJS. Love these.

I wrote recently how much I've been digging Ghost. Well I still am. The writing and content experience is amazing.


I forgot how much of a pain managing a server is.

What happened

I've been standing the site up slowly. I have a full time job, and I've been freelancing on the side. And making videos...

Today I got around to fixing the email connection with Mailgun. It's all about that SSH.

The site is hosted on Digital Ocean and after remembering how to get into the backend I started following this guide on configuring the Mail.

Configuring Ghost

Everything was working fine until...

502 Bad Gateway


The long and short of it is Ghost changed the default port and nGinx wasn't configured to allow that port.

Next time

  1. SSH into Ghost
  2. Check ghost config nano /var/www/ghost/config.production.json
  3. Check nginx
ghost-mgr@ghost:/var/www/ghost$ sudo systemctl is-active ghost_chrisellis-dev
ghost-mgr@ghost:/var/www/ghost$ nano /var/www/ghost/config.production.json
ghost-mgr@ghost:/var/www/ghost$ sudo systemctl stop ghost_chrisellis-dev
ghost-mgr@ghost:/var/www/ghost$ sudo systemctl start ghost_chrisellis-dev

Stack Overflow


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