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QR codes are annoying

Updated about 2 months ago

We've got an event coming up where QR codes are important. We're not using them distastefully, I promise. 🤞

In order to increase attendee engagement, people can scan QR codes spread throughout the event and earn points which let them access activities. Cool right?

So we've sold the client on this proposition. We're sold on it. Implementation time.

Enter iOS

I am starting to think iOS is the new Internet Explorer, but not out of ignorance. Support for QR codes has been out for half a decade on other browsers. Why are they dragging their feet?

They want you to use their Camera App. That's why. They won't share your data, but they will use it themselves. If they allow third party access to QR codes then they won't get that data.

Oh, but they're protecting their users from malicious links.

Then why can you visit them on the Camera App? Has anyone tested known malicious links on the camera app?

Can't you just use Chrome on iOS


That would be too easy.