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Updated 10 months ago


My four year old needed to get dressed in the morning before we left her bedroom. She always asked whether it will be a hot or cold day and what we would be doing. I wanted to make a small progressive web application for her to help learn about weather and weekly schedules.

I had to figure out how a young child could understand weather without comprehending Celsius or Fahrenheit. The application needed to be on my phone so we could look at it before leaving her room in the morning. We travel quite a bit so I needed it to respond to changes in my location and I didn't want to require authentication.

Tech Stack

I wanted to host it on Netlify as it's free and allows a serverless architecture. At most there would be a few API calls and I didn't want to pay for a Droplet for a few calls a day. I also needed to access a weather api and decided to go with DarkSky . It exposes weather using GPS coordinates and is free to work with at low volumes of API calls.