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Paypal Investor Day 2021

Updated 16 days ago

COVID changed a lot for the events industry and it left many companies scrambling to find a way to host events.

For companies that wanted to maintain their own branding, many of the options available would not work.

We helped Paypal host it's Investor Day in February 2021.

Paypal Investor Day


Paypal wanted to showcase merchants they had helped during the pandemic and share details on the stories they had. We enabled our video sharing integration and went through several design iterations to land on this Merchant Showcase.

Paypal Investor Day


There were challenges with this project that we had to work around.

The first being the number of logins we would experience over the course of 5-10 minutes. Paypal was interested in both sending out emails with a MagicLink style login and allowing people to register on the day of the event.

We were able to provide this for them as their attendance more than doubled what was initially planned.

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