Hey, I'm Chris. I'm a JavaScript developer outside of London. I'm currently building Meet on V with David Speer at SCD Studio.

I own CAE Webdevelopment where I do custom B2B integrations helping businesses integrate new technology into their platforms.

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12 Feb

Hello World.

14 Aug

I realized something in the last article. It's a bit difficult to share the whole thought process behind development and design in a blog post. I thought I'd give sharing a stream of the development. Edit: Unfortunately the export from Twitch did not...

11 Aug

You know there's a German word for nearly everything. I've got a few German friends and I should ask them if there's a word to describe the feeling of mildest frustration and anticipation you experience when starting a new project. After about three ...

23 Jul

We've got an event coming up where QR codes are important. We're not using them distastefully, I promise. 🤞 In order to increase attendee engagement, people can scan QR codes spread throughout the event and earn points which let them access activiti...

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