Hey, I'm Chris. I'm a JavaScript developer outside of London. I'm currently building Meet on V with David Speer at SCD Studio.

I own CAE Webdevelopment where I do custom B2B integrations helping businesses integrate new technology into their platforms.

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Recent Writing

QR codes are annoying

We've got an event coming up where QR codes are important

about 1 hour

Why we chose Tailwind and other contentious thoughts

This has been hashed and rehashed everywhere so I'm just going to add to the noise and not apologize

24 days

It's been 6 months

It's been 6 months since I went full-time freelancing, sold our house in the US, and moved to the UK.

2 months

Headless Ghost and NextJS

Headless Ghost with NextJS offers the best of both worlds, a brilliant writing experience and a blazingly fast, customisable website.

4 months

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Recent Projects

Meet on V

At the end of last year, I started Meet on V with David Speer. We help Event Producers provide fully customizable, Virtual and Hybrid Events.

3 months

Greycroft Summit

The pandemic has changed a lot for the events industry

10 months

Beelion on RedwoodJS

You know when you've got a project that's been running for years without updates and you are just waiting for the day that it stops working

about 1 year

Martin Lawrence Galleries

> Integrated embedded video in an event website using Twilio Video + React COVID-19 has changed the landscape for events companies

about 1 year

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