Hey, I'm Chris. I'm a JavaScript developer outside of London. I'm currently building Meet on V with David Speer at SCD Studio.

I own CAE Webdevelopment where I do custom B2B integrations helping businesses integrate new technology into their platforms.

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Recent Writing

It's been 6 months

It's been 6 months since I went full-time freelancing, sold our house in the US, and moved to the UK.

1 minute

Headless Ghost and NextJS

Headless Ghost with NextJS offers the best of both worlds, a brilliant writing experience and a blazingly fast, customisable website.

about 2 months

Two Dimensional Array Filtering with RegExp

Another thorny problem

3 months

Meteor async methods

I just solved a "bug" that I had been experiencing with our Meet on V product

3 months

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Recent Projects

Meet on V

At the end of last year, I started Meet on V with David Speer. We help Event Producers provide fully customizable, Virtual and Hybrid Events.

12 days

Greycroft Summit

The pandemic has changed a lot for the events industry

7 months

Beelion on RedwoodJS

You know when you've got a project that's been running for years without updates and you are just waiting for the day that it stops working

10 months

Martin Lawrence Galleries

> Integrated embedded video in an event website using Twilio Video + React COVID-19 has changed the landscape for events companies

10 months

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